Scalable, Personalized Health & Wellness Management for Sustainable Weight Loss

Creating Opportunities to Expand and Grow Your Practice

PrescribeWell is the solution for better medicine, better business and exceptional weight loss results through improved nutrition and increased physical activity.

What is PrescribeWell?

PrescribeWell is an innovative software platform to help your patients eat healthier, become more active and lose weight sustainably, allowing you to support a small handful of patients or operate a thriving weight loss clinic. 

By using the software, providers get access to:

Personalized health and wellness prescriptions using intelligent algorithms tailored to a patient’s interests, environment and goals

Targeted communication and automated support, eliminating the need for frequent hands-on management.                        

Specific and measurable weight loss goals optimized for patient motivation and staying on track.


Optimal physician-patient engagement promoting shared ownership and accountability for success.

Continual care coordination by integrating with your EMR and delegating regular weigh-ins to nurses, LPNs and other staff. 

New reimbursement stream and recurring billable activities for disease prevention and obesity management.


PrescribeWell promotes evidence-based sustainable weight loss strategies for higher compliance and satisfaction rates - all branded under a patient’s trusted provider: you. 

  • Evidence-based Weight Loss

  • Free for Every Patient

  • Billable for Reimbursement

  • Positive Clinical Outcomes

  • Streamlined Management

  • Integrated Workflows

Evidence-Based Weight Loss

When weight loss patients are supervised by their provider, they are more successful at reaching their goals. PrescribeWell focuses on engagement and accountability for lasting success.

Clinics using PrescribeWell may receive as much as $1314 per patient per year

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