How PrescribeWell Works

PrescribeWell is your best in class white label solution to manage a successful weight loss clinic and optimize your ability to continuously grow the practice.

PrescribeWell automates the personalized support patients need while giving you the tools to monitor evidence-based weight loss.

When Patients Lose Weight with PrescribeWell, Incredible Things Happen

For Your Patients

  • More energy and vitality
  • Less pain and fatigue
  • Reduced need for medication
  • Measurable progress
  • Sustainable weight loss

For Your Practice

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Higher patient retention
  • More referrals to your clinic
  • Greater shift to preventative

For Your Reimbursement

  • Revenue stream for obesity management
  • Favorable cost-reimbursement ratio
  • Cost savings for payors and value-based organizations
  • Routine billable weigh-ins
  • Billable initial and 6-month check-ins

Get a Free Demo

Explore the user-friendly software with one of our program experts. To get started with PrescribeWell in your clinic, we give you all the resources to set up, manage and educate your patients on the best weight loss strategies. 

Sign Up

Start using PrescribeWell in days. Use the HIPAA-compliant standalone cloud-based platform or integrate with your EMR. Either way, your team will be ready to quickly get the most out of the program and its reimbursement opportunities.

Enroll a patient

Get your first patient enrolled. With no patient minimum, you can get the benefits of the program with a handful (or hundreds) of patients. Pay a monthly subscription rate per patient and start billing for reimbursement from day one.

Monitor Patient Progress

Evaluate patient eating habits, activity and weight changes remotely through an app. PrescribeWell’s automated patient engagement provides positive and motivating daily messages tailored precisely for each patient based on their journey.

Be Reimbursed

Make every in-clinic appointment billable. With 22 weigh-ins per year per patient, clinics can see up to $1314 reimbursement per patient annually. When patients lose weight after 6 months, billing codes can be renewed again and again.  

Why our Weight Loss Rx Works

Created by experts, PrescribeWell’s software helps you create a comprehensive, personalized weight loss Rx for every patient. It combines sustainable nutrition, physical activity, behavior therapy, tracking, monitoring and engagement. 

Why it works:

Free for every patient, eliminating financial barriers

Focused on practical, long-lasting lifestyle change

Provider-driven for increased patient trust and success

Minimal logging so patients focus on healthy eating and exercise

Seamless integration with your EMR, clinic and brand 

“Physician advice can have a positive effect on patient action regarding weight loss. Provider weight loss advice has a statistically significant impact on a patient’s attempt to lose weight.”

SA Rose, PS Poynter, JW Anderson, SM Noar, J Conigliaro. Physician weight loss advice and patient weight loss behavior change: a literature review and meta-analysis of survey data. International Journal of Obesity, volume 27, pages 118-128 (2013).


How much can my clinic be reimbursed with PrescribeWell?

While reimbursement varies by location and payor, clinics may see an annual reimbursement of up to $1314 per patient per year. Contact us to learn more about reimbursement rates. 

How is PrescribeWell different from other weight loss software?

PrescribeWell is the only physician-driven weight loss software that can be white labeled under your brand. You and your staff get the convenience of an automated and user-friendly platform, while patients are confident in this provider-approved program.


What is the cost of PrescribeWell?

Pay a low monthly subscription per patient to use the software. For the most accurate quote, contact us about implementing PrescribeWell in your clinic. 

Is the platform secure and HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. Whether you use PrescribeWell as an independent solution or integrate with your EMR, all functions are secure and HIPPA-compliant to protect your patients and their information.


Is it truly free for my patients?

Absolutely. Since obesity intervention and weight loss programming are preventative services, the entire program is covered by insurance. We also do not sell or promote any products directly to patients. As the clinic, you simply pay a subscription fee offset by significant reimbursement opportunities. Book a demo to learn more.


 How do I bill for this service?

To be reimbursed for applicable PrescribeWell services, most clinics use codes 99401 and 99402. Up to 22 visits can be conducted by staff per patient per year. Other services including nutrition management can be integrated.


New to weight loss program management?

Get our How to Successfully Start a Weight Loss Clinic whitepaper for detailed guidance on what it takes to generate a successful and effective weight loss program.