Your Health & Wellness Rx for Lasting Results

PrescribeWell is a health program created by experts and led by your provider. The result is sustainable weight loss, disease prevention, increased energy and a new lifestyle you'll love.

How PrescribeWell Works

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No Cost to You

You pay nothing for a wellness program designed for long-term results! Create your wellness Rx, track your progress, integrate data with your clinic, work with your doctor and access all our educational material for free.


Look no further than your own doctor for health and weight-loss support! Easily log your progress online and in our user-friendly app. Your doctor helps you stay motivated and intervenes when you get off track. Get both virtual and in-person guidance in your local clinic.

Proven Methods

We use scientific tactics for better results: daily food/activity tracking, remote monitoring, team ownership, weigh-ins and your provider’s expertise. These promote positive changes that become second nature for a healthier lifestyle.


Other programs let you message a random provider in an app. With PrescribeWell, you work directly with your local clinic. Get personalized support from someone you already know and trust. Together, you and your provider create a wellness Rx that fits your life.


Our experts designed this program for success! Personalization, SMART goals, accountability and flexibility help you hit your goals while enjoying the process. Optimal wellness occurs when you l ive healthy without food restriction and guilt.


Will PrescribeWell get me results?

You can see long-lasting improvements to your health, well-being, energy and weight. We use science-based methods to help you achieve your health goals. It’s results-driven and monitored by your medical provider. Online and in-person components are convenient and no cost to you.


Is this program really free?

Yes! Patients pay nothing for this program. Get free access to all PrescribeWell resources and free check-in visits with your doctor. 


Who is this program for?

This program is perfect for anyone who wants an expert-created health and weight loss program. Our proven, science-based techniques help you find the healthier version of yourself. Lose weight, improve energy and/or manage existing conditions.PrescribeWell is convenient and personalized to fit any lifestyle.

What makes PrescribeWell different?

We are one of the only health programs completely driven by your provider. Our approach drives better results and long-term healthy lifestyle changes. Other programs let you chat with a random doctor, but PrescribeWell connects you with your existing healthcare team.


How do I get started?

Talk to your healthcare provider. They get you set up and help you through the program.


 Do I use my own doctor for this program?

Yes! Whoever you see for healthcare and check-ups signs you up for PrescribeWell. Your existing clinician guides you through the entire program and helps you hit your goals! Visit your local clinic for occasional check-ins.