About Us

PrescribeWell aims to be the market leader in turnkey, physician-centric, SaaS-based capabilities focused on behavioral modification such as obesity treatment, smoking cessation, and stress management to clinical practices nationwide as a valuable adjunct to leading electronic medical health record systems (EMRs).

Merv Heller,

Chairman of the Board


Chief Commercialization Officer

Bill Yocum,

Chief Operations


Richard "RJ" Kedziora,

Chief Technology Officer & Product Manager

PrescribeWell enables healthcare providers (HCPs) to integrate an extensible, scalable, and secure SaaS solution into their existing electronic medical records (EMR) system which provides a physician-centric hub that facilitates wellness regimens for patients and optimized billing routines for the HCP. Thus PrescribeWell’s tagline of “better medicine, better business."

The PrescribeWell solution for weight loss, called OBI for intervention, enables the HCP to quickly identify candidates from their existing patient population based on patient vitals, and to easily prescribe a personalized diet and exercise plan for each patient, customized to their dietary preferences, physical capabilities, and lifestyle opportunities. OBI then facilitates the patient's efforts and tracks updates at meeting weight loss, fitness, and other wellness goals.

With PrescribeWell, healthcare providers gain a powerful patient relationship management platform that allows effective and continual patient engagement and communication − keeping patients motivated and on track to meet goals while allowing the most appropriate and qualified HCP personnel to interact with the client between office visits.

Using PrescribeWell's platform and OBI solution, healthcare providers integrate sustainable and effective weight loss regimens, meal replacement, coaching, and measurable outcomes into their practices without disrupting existing clinical workflows.

The PrescribeWell solution seamlessly integrates with existing leading EMR systems without requiring additional investment in new technology infrastructure. PrescribeWell integrates with (but is not limited to):