A Health & Wellness Rx with Lasting Results

PrescribeWell is a personalized health and weight management program available at your local doctor’s office.

For Patients

Fill your prescription for wellness, more energy and weight loss. PrescribeWell is a science-based health program led by your doctor at no cost to you.

For Providers

Improve patient health with tailored wellness prescriptions and intuitive software. PrescribeWell optimizes management of a thriving weight loss clinic.

Why PrescribeWell Works

Scalable, Personalized Health and Wellness Management

Proven Methods

Created by experts using scientific health and weight loss strategies that work.

Provider Driven

Your healthcare team monitors your progress and helps you stay on track.

Success Focused

Your doctor creates a personalized diet and exercise Rx for a roadmap to success.


No cost to you! Online tracking and check-ins are 100% integrated with your local clinic.

The Global Problem

Obesity is the major driver of chronic disease and is a huge economic burden.

  • Nearly 40% of adults are obese
  • Greater than 30% of high school children are overweight or obese
  • There are 59 known medical conditions related to obesity, including hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, and cancer
  • Obesity & its underlying health issues cost $149 billion in medical expenses per year and $66 billion in lower productivity

The Solution

PrescribeWell generates a personalized health and wellness prescription using intelligent algorithms based on the patient’s interests, their environment and goals. The plan provides accountability and motivational communications to keep the patient on track to meet their SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE weight-loss goals.

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